the ghana u dont see on tv. – Accra Video

the ghana u dont see on tv.

few photos of places in Ghana that is not and never shown on tv’s in the western world. Africa is not a jungle as the say. see it for yourself.
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  1. James Karikari says:

    Consider the whole world as once a jungle, which has depleted its forest to give way to civilization. This is the order of the day in every country where peace and democracy prevail. A typical example is Ghana, located in West Africa. Now let White folks stop fake photos about Africa where only many animals thrive. God bless our homeland Ghana and Africa.

  2. 504Resident says:

    I see go things in the future for Ghana and the rest of western Africa. Keep working and make your country great! This is coming from a White American and i want to see the real Africa, not the fake Africa that they show us on TV.

  3. Rhianna Breezy says:

    i wish i was thereeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  4. One4theworld says:

    let them think what they may, what R we trying to prove.. all ull end up having is very expensive lands that no 1 can afford any longer except an outsider who comes in, then u’ll be rallying “we want our country back’.. let the world think we all live in misery, & that we don’t have some poor sides & some great sides, cuz u’ll get what u never bargained for. let us enjoy wat we have & wat we can make of it. the whole world knowing some r well off n live luxurious doesn’t make us more rich.

  5. cici940 says:

    Check out on my channel, you’ll find the AFrica you’d never see on western TV

  6. idakenzyk says:

    great video, am proud to be ghanaian

  7. scrupulous0203 says:

    you’ll never see anything good on africa here in europe.It’s sad!! it’s a great video!

  8. tompaxyz says:

    nice 1, bro. keep it up.

  9. braggs619 says:

    loved this video and im glad it shows africa in another light because the media herein usa has shown otherwise making black americans ignorant to africa

  10. kofilawer says:


  11. msdiamond2171 says:

    You have Kojo playing the the background I love it…nice pictures

  12. rondar623 says:

    Wow, the home shown at 2:42 looks very similar to my parents home in South Florida! Wow! I could definitely feel at home in Ghana!


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