Visit Accra, Ghana (February 2010) [HQ]

If you like this video, you might also like watching my video about Ada Foah. It is a video response to this video. ~ Video with impressions of our trip to Accra, Ghana in February 2010. We left on the 4th of March, just a few days before Independence Day (March, 6). Please rate or comment if you like the video. The music in this Accra, Ghana video is from the album ‘Least expected’ by Bracket (Nigerians, but we heard it a lot of times on the streets in Accra :) Buy the album on iTunes: ).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Visit Accra, Ghana (February 2010) [HQ]”

  1. YardMusicK says:

    big up ghana and all countries of africa

  2. reueltube says:

    Haha, we forgot to bring it that day. When we were back at the guesthouse, we did put on some after sun though… 😉

  3. gavin0883 says:

    3:47 HOLY SHIT!! Put on some sunscreen!!!!

  4. 7akkoyeb says:

    Best video of Ghana just like it is thanks for making my country shine

  5. 27106204 says:

    Very nice. I wish more travellers would post stuff like this that shows the country as-is.

  6. mrkofi105 says:

    This is very nice and am always in Nugua and will be ging back next month.

  7. 888LICA says:

    znznb please visit from Ghana!!

  8. s7her15 says:


  9. ladyria2012 says:

    sometimes i can’t believe that theres a whole continent of people that look like me its amazing..definitely on my bucket list

  10. shugagirl1 says:

    nice video and the music is too much….

  11. tiaghy60 says:

    I live in Seattle area and often go to Oregon Coast via Corvallas. I am also interested to move in to Accra in about a year or two. I wonder if you have searched to see how much is the cost of living there. if you know anything about housing cost, and medical expences etc. please email me. just use my sign in name and I am on gmail. Thanks!

  12. SuperQueenofAfrica says:

    As long as you have the right attidute you will be okay.

  13. SuperQueenofAfrica says:

    just make sure you do your research and have contacts out there , am sure you will have a blast! just have an open mind and be patient dont expect too much and you will get a lot out of it am sure.


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